Beautiful Italy!

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May 29 - June 10, 2010

Join us for a two week trip of a lifetime!
As we travel through the most beautiful sites of Italy
we will also journey within...

Experience the breathtaking art and classic beauty of Rome and Renaissance Florence, along with their world-famous cuisines. Glide in a Gondola and experience the Gothic playfulness of Venice. Feel the heart-opening magic of Assisi and the joyful exuberance of the Spello flower festival. You will be expertly guided in creative process; collage journaling, artistic expression, meditation and restorative yoga. Join us on this journey of expansive self-discovery!


1 overnight - June 4, 2009

At Damanhur walk with us through the “Temples of Humankind” that are carved out of the mountainside and decorated with Tiffany glass, cupolas, floor mosaics, and selfic paintings that reflect back to us, like a mirror, our own inner beauty.

(This mini overnight trip includes all transportation costs, Temples admission, lodging, art activities, and meals.)

Find your inner beauty amidst the beauty of Italy. Limited to 18, register early!

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Some experiences in life are priceless
and worth whatever it takes to make them happen.

Travel to Italy is most certainly one of them. . .
– Mary Kieran, Bella Italia Travel founder

Travelers Seeking Enrichment:

Travel can keep your heart open to adventure and life-changing possibilities, in spite of the difficult times we live in right now.
We are drawn to the idea of travel like moths to a flame. Deep inside, we long to have new experiences and to explore and find greater meaning in the world around us.

Are you a person who comes ALIVE when exploring new places, but feels you aren't able to travel for some reason?

mountainsTravel to a foreign-language speaking country like Italy can be intimidating.

Should I sign up for a package tour which can be over-priced and downright disappointing? Or should I make something less costly happen for  myself?

If you do plan your own trip will you be gouged for prices, wind up alone and stranded and overly-stressed because of the language barrier, or even robbed like so many other tourists have been?

And, how can one even think about planning for travel with the economic crisis going on right now?

Hi, I'm Mary Kieran founder of Bella Italia Travel.cityriver

Travel to Italy can cost a lot less than you imagine, and be relatively stress-free, if you know your way around. I have lived in Italy and since then have helped many people travel happily in Italy.

When I compare my life before and after going to Italy. . . well, let's just say that life was a bit dull and grey like in the movie “Pleasantville” before my Italian awakening to the beauty and adventure that are in the very air one breathes in Bella Italia...  

I promise you that we are meant to travel and have meaningful, life-changing experiences in life.

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